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That's One Way of Doing It
Some very short-notice changes have happened to my schedule this month, so I no longer have as much time on Wednesdays as I did before. In all the mayhem I failed to update the site. For the moment I will keep updating on Wednesdays anyway, although I may have to switch to Saturdays.

On an unrelated note, the ever-awesome Fighter Mania is back online. Sweetness!

Morrigan Knows how to Travel
Sorry for skipping last week. But 1) I needed a break from the site, 2) I had to catch up on some other things, and 3) I was negotiating a deal about my other sites that should allow me to devote more time to MvComedy in the future. If I get a chance I will get some of that extra stuff I keep promising done for next week.

Somebody has a Communication Problem
I didn't manage to get any of the extra stuff I had hoped to done. But it should be ready soon. I'm also planning on a new feature or two, as well as the Characters section. It's what happens when I get bored and have nothing to do. Expect to see something new soon.

Sometimes it Pays to Have Super Powers
I apologize for the relative shortness of this comic, but I have a book report that also requires my attention. In the meantime, I made a Versus Game FAQ, because there seem to be a lot of people confused about the VS. games. It can be found in the Other Stuff section.

6/10/02 - 1/15/03