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From Their Perspective: Arthur, part II
Ah, the final Perspective comic. In order to wrap up the Arthur story, this part is extra-long. Unless you read the paragraph beneath the banner every visit, you probably haven't noticed that I took the "under heavy construction" part out. The site is still under construction, sorta, but since it looks almost exactly like it did when I started the site, then that would suggest that there hasn't been any progress.
"But MvComedy, there hasn't been any progress. You still haven't made the Character Bios, or anything else besides the comic."
What? Nonsense. There's been plenty of progress. Why just look at, people. I will get around to it. Honest.

From Their Perspective: Arthur
Ah, the last backstory comic. Well, for the moment at least. And on time for once, at that. Arthur's Perspective comic will be a two-parter, but will not run for any longer than that. I didn't even intend for that to happen with Ruby, but that's just how it worked out. I really expected this perspectives series to be done in five comics, but it ended up being twice that many. Oh well, that isn't a bad thing, it's just slowed things down a bit.

For those of you wondering why I used Vice...well, I don't know. I didn't have anyone better in mind. Not that it really matters, because Vice is cool if not a bit strange.

From Their Perspective: Ruby Heart, part IV
Did I say tomorrow? Well, I meant next year. Heh heh... Um, anyway, I finally got a new comic done. This concludes the four-part Ruby backstory. That just leaves Arthur, and then we can start moving on with the adventure. I may even get started on those character bios...eventually.

I completely forgot about Wednesday's comic. It will be up tomorrow.

From Their Perspective: Ruby Heart, Part III
Grrr, much anger I have, yes! Bad things happened while I tried to move to Keenspace, and I eventually had to give up. I then became really preoccupied with school and other things, plus the computer situation has not yet been solved either. For the moment, I'm still stuck at Tripod, and that's likely how things will stay for a while yet. In that time I will continue updating for as long as I can, although Tripods grasp on what little space I have left continues to grow. However, I will continue searching my options. For the moment, keep checking back here.

Okay, on a happier subject, it looks like Ruby Heart's perspective comic is going to continue for even longer than I had previously suggested. However, part 4 will be the last one! Then I'll wrap up with Arthur and the story shall continue. Also, I've changed my update schedule to reflect my newfound lack of time and resources. The comic will only be updated on Wednesdays, which is a much more realistic schedule than previous.

Oh, and one final note. Expect the site to be unreachable for a couple hours or so sometime between now and this time tomorrow, since I've likely once again exceeded my bandwidth allotment for the day. I have got to find a new server!

Yes, I know, I haven't updated, and I haven't made a new comic in over a week. Basically, my hard drive crashed, and that makes it very difficult to update. The wonder of having two computers is that I can still update the site without much problem. But making comics is another story. When my hard drive died, my comic files died with it, and this computer doesn't have what I need to make comics. I expect to have my computer up a running within a week, but I can't make any promises. Even then, all my sprites and backgrounds are now gone so I'll have to hunt for replacements, and that also takes time. So I may not get back up to speed until the middle of next month. If something else unforseen pops up, I'll try and tide you over with a special feature or something of that nature.

However, one good thing has come from all of this. I finally heard from Keenspace, and my account has been approved. And though my computer's death seriously hampers things, it does give me time to switch servers. Plus, I have a two week break from school coming up soon, and I'll have plenty of time to get things together again. Check back for more announcements.

From Their Perspective: Ruby Heart, part II
"MvComedy, you suck!"
Yes, I know. It's been nearly a month (not an entire month, but only by one day) since I last updated. And I'm not on a new server yet. Basically, a whole bunch of things came up at a time when I was not really feeling like working on comics anyway. Plus I was completely out of ideas for new comics. However, I'm back, I've got a bunch of new ideas, and there is a new comic today. The server move is going nowhere, but I will have something before the site maxes out it's size limit, even if it means paying Tripod money.

Ruby Heart's perspective episode is going to be a three-parter, and will conclude this weekend. Then it will be Arthur's turn (in which you can expect significant amounts of Arthurness). That one will probably be a two-parter, and will (finally) conclude the Perspectives series (unless I decide to do one later for an as yet-unintroduced character, which is entirely possible). I've also added my two Pocket Theater guest comics to the Other Stuff section. And, we have a new link to the Mugen Comic, the only fighting game comic out there besides this one and Pocket Theater. Enjoy.

From Their Perspective: Ruby Heart
New comic. Yay. This perspectives series is drawing closer to it's end, which is probably a good thing since each one seems to have less and less to do with the character's perspectives anyway, and more on backstory. Oh well, who cares?

Also, my guest comic offering to Pocket Theater is up on the site. If it's alright with the webmaster I'll keep a copy here as well. I've already gotten permission to do another one for her this week! You'll know when it's up.

From Their Perspective: Morrigan
Yes, I'm not on a new server yet. But first, one minor announcement. From now on I'll be putting new comics underneath the last updated line instead of in the update description. That should make things easier.

I tried to sign up at Keenspace, and I had a lot of trouble trying to do it. Once I finally got through the site without having it crash on me, I was told to wait for an e-mail that never came. And I suspect it never will. Right now I'm looking into getting a domain for the site so I can be rid of this server business once and for all (and I may migrate my other two sites to domains as well, depending on how things go). In the meantime, keep checking here, don't be surprised if the site is suspended for bandwidth consumption, and bare with me. As soon as anything happens, I'll post it here. I will try to keep up with the regular update schedule in the meantime.

"You finally got Wednesday's comic up four days late, and then the following Monday you don't update with the usual comic! What were you thinking?!"
Believe it or not, it wasn't my fault this time. But first, From Their Perspective: War Machine, Part II.

I had that comic all ready to go, but when I opened up my FTP program, I got a little message saying that access to my Tripod account had been suspended. And sure enough, I checked the site and it had been taken down temporarily due to bandwidth consumption. The strange part of it is that Tripod decided to punish me for it a full day after it had already happened. And this isn't just from hits, it's from the huge amounts of bandwidth I take up when I load the comics. Further, this is the seventh time this has happened, and expect it to happen again before tomorrow. Therefore, after a whopping two-month stay at Tripod, I will be moving the site to Keenspace. By the time you've read this, I will have already created a new account, and I will have the site up there by tomorrow night, if all goes well. I'll leave a message here once the move has been completed.

"MvComedy, what do you think you're doing?"
"Wednesday's comic ring a bell?"
"Maybe that's because there wasn't one!"
Oh, you mean Wednesday's comic! Eh heh heh, funny you should mention that... Okay, okay, I'll tell the truth. But first, here's this weekend's comic, From Their Perspective: War Machine.

Now then...first, I spent most of last week biting my nails over the Make Your Own Entitling Fluke Contest over at Yutz's Entitling Flukes. Which, by the way, I placed second on (applause welcome, not neccessary). To see my winning fluke, go here. Also, I have something you won't find anywhere else on the net: my fluke entries which didn't win. You can find them later in the new Other Stuff section, where I will probably put a lot of things as time goes on.

Then, I made a guest comic for Pocket Theater's hiatus, which isn't up yet. Once it is (if it is,, it will also go into the Other Stuff section.

I also did some work on my much-neglected NASHW and TWIGG, and some non-net-related photoshopped thingies. Plus, this is my last week of summer vacation, and I needed to get as much sleep-in time as I could while I still had the chance (yes, school starts in August for me. And yes, it does suck).

Remember when I said I was getting back to my regular update schedule? Well, don't ever quote me. Except when I say I'm not reliable, because that much is true. But I needed the hiatus from the site, since I really couldn't decide where to go with the storyline. I still haven't quite figured that out, but comic #11, From Their Perspective: Dr. Doom, is up. I'll be doing a whole series of perspective comics while I work out this plot thing. Enjoy.

In related news, I managed to go 11 whole comics without putting myself in them. But hey, what did you expect? Comic writers do it all the time. Gardner Fox stuck himself into the Flash comics (and as a result started the chain reaction that created the whole Crisis on Infinite Earths series). Even the guy who made the Captain Carrot comics did it (if you don't know, don't ask). Therefore, I have justification. I do have justification...I do have justification...I do have justification...

I'm starting to get back to my regular schedule. Part 10, What an Unbelievable Coincidence, is up. If I have time I'll get around to doing character bios and some other things I have planned.

New comic: The Police do something Non-Convenient. No extra comics for a while (with the exception of weekends), just Monday and Wednesday. Plus, my web-editor is doing bad things, but I should have that taken care of by Wednesday.

Eek, sorry about the lack of comic-ness. Again, I got a little busy, and had a brief bout of photoshopists block. But there's a new comic - The Consequences of Free Help. Another one tomorrow.

New comic: The Search Continues...Sort of. This search story has sorta turned into a mini-arc, but it will end tomorrow. I will eventually also have some kind of character section up, though I may wait until the comic has continued a bit further.

I was so busy I completely forgot about Wednesday's comic. But Operation: Find Some Heroes is up now. I might even have the next part up tomorrow, and the usual Monday update afterward. "Three comics in a row, MvComedy? You're joking!" No, really, I really do plan on it. But I face the last of my dentist trials on Monday, so no promises on that one.

New comic, Who Says Free Help is Hard to Find? Transformers fans will recognize the plot. This comic brought to you by more dentist pain, and a nasty eye infection as well. More Wednesday, assuming I'm still alive after this.

Part four of the comic is up, That's Democracy for You. I'll probably get back on the Monday/Wednesday/Weekend schedule now that my schedule is non-crazy, but no promises.

I know, I know, I know, I said I'd have a comic today. But it didn't happen, and I'll have to get it up on the weekend instead. However, I did throw together some info on the Vs. series. It's in the menu.

Comic #3 is up, She Cometh in the Form of a Flying Saucer. No comic this Monday, but I'll have it up on Wednesday.

6/17/02! My paint program is doing bad things (i.e. shutting down for no apparent reason), so no new comic today. However, I'm 50% done with what should have been todays comic and it will be up on Wednesday.

New comic is up, Bermuda Triangle's got nothing on this. Also, the Links section and Past Updates are open.

Welcome. This is MvComedy's first update. As you can see, the main focus of this site is the making of sprite comics. However, in time, I will have other features up, such as character bios and info on the Vs. games, and the occasional independent or miniseries comic. I intend to update this site twice a week or more. Check back soon and I'll likely have a schedule. In the meantime, enjoy the very first Marvel vs. Comedy comic, Plight of the Apocalypse