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What? You're leaving MvComedy? If you must leave, at least go to one of these great game, comic, or other sites.

Comic sites - other cool online comics.
Pocket Theatre - the site that inspired MvComedy. Features comics using sprites from Pocket Fighter.

8-bit Theatre - excellent FF1 sprite comics, and one of the best comic sites on the net.
Mugen Comic
Neglected Mario Characters - features, among other things, comics with characters from the Mario series.
Yutz's Entitling Flukes - not really sprite comics, but rather, Earthbound flukes (if you don't know what a fluke is, just go and see). - An online comics search engine and directory

Vs. Game-related sites - links to sites about games or characters relating to the Vs. series
Fighter Mania - neat site all about fighting games, including the games that comprise the Vs. series. Thanks to them for many of the MvComedy sprites (used with permission, of course).

Mega Man Homepage - best Mega Man site out there.

Other cool sites - non Vs. or comic sites
Super Mario Bros. Headquarters - one of the first sites I ever visited, and still one of the best.
The Mushroom Kingdom - another great Mario site.
The Metroid Database - best Metroid site on the net.
Nintendo Database - a site all about Nintendo's franchises.
Libby's Homepage - all about my friend Libby, stuff she likes, and her friends (don't try to find a picture of me to see what I look like, there aren't any).

My other sites - no, I won't explain this.

Nintendo All-Stars Homeworld - my first site. All about Nintendo's big franchises. Features reviews, comics, and more.
Twisted Weird Imaginative Gaming Gallery - originally NASHW's sister site, now run by me. Photoshopping + video game screenshots = funny.